About This Site's Title

I would like to take just a few moments to explain the title of my blog. Like many people in my industry, I do not come from a traditional computer science background. For a long time, I let this fact define how I saw myself professionally. I felt inferior to my colleagues who attended respected technical schools and studied hard to earn the CS diploma. When I would land a job or a contract, I would constantly feel a sense of dread that one day I would be proven incompetent, ushered out the door, and laughed at behind my back.

Even to this day, I struggle with imposter syndrome, but I know I am not alone. I recognize that there are certain aspects of my personality, some good and some bad, that make me vulnerable to these feelings. With time I’ve found ways to cope with this feeling. The biggest step for me was admitting publically this is something I struggle with. This is my opportunity, to be honest with myself and to feel exposed – nothing left to hide.

This is also an opportunity to speak to others who might find me on the World Wide Web. To tell them, what you feel is normal and you’re not the voice inside your head. You can find success in whatever career path you decide to pursue. How can I be so sure? Because, like you, I am Just Another Imposter.

About Michael Filbin

A software developer and consultant working and living in Denver, Colorado. I will be publishing content on a wide range of topics ranging for software development concepts, techniques, and culture.